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naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb

naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb

naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb naruto seals animated gif by awambawamb




Fav too much - Stamp by Tadadada Dr. Hax Stamp by darkhoodness

Tobi Tank by luckytrash

-.-; CRAP

Crazy Dance by sashun08


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Limbo and Aina
In the Left we got Limbo and in the right, Aina; Both are Faust and Rani`s Parents, I started this illustration since december, It took me a year to finish it I guess, LOL and also the first deviation of the Year

Limbo Flaming Rock

The Bastard son of a Noble, Limbo was abandoned by its own family at a young age, he grew up in the Jungles and Forests with other Orphan dragons, Trained to dominate the ancient techniques of the Dragons taming the elements and the use of Mana, After some time Limbo ended up Founding his own Clan, a mixed clan where all the Dragons could enter, all trained by a single discipline, Flaming Rock Stance, he turned then into The Leader of the Clan and became also a War Hero in the Tartaros Crisis, respected by their allies and even his enemies, created alliances with some clans by objectives in common, but the only Alliance that became possible Marriage was with the Guardian clan called "The Flow", it wasnt originally a Marriage, Limbo was known also because he concentrated more in the fights, a beast with no interest of love and belonging to the battlefield, but looks like a single dragoness could, the dragoness that helped him to defeat a ferocius enemy

Aina Jikantaro

The Daughter of the Leader of the Flow clan, a Clan filled with Dragons with Time-space disciplines and techniques, a noble clan that became constantly prosecuted by the Black Claw clan for their powers and unique Mana, even Aina that was suppossed to be a noble calmed princess, she developed an incredible interest in adventures and fighting skills, she tried to learn in secret when her father wasnt looking, his father supported the traditions of the ancient, but Aina didnt liked them, Aina having passion by honorable fights and being merciful when required became an important figure of her clan. Some years Later an evil dragon Called NightFang member of the Black Claw announced that he will assassinate the leader of the Flow clan, her father knew about Limbo the mercenary so he asked for his help, plans changed and NightFang changed his objective so he tried to murder Limbo after hearing he would protect Aina`s Father, Aina decided that seh would help him to defeat NightFang when he attacks, Limbo was so sure that Dragoneses werent up to fight, so he rejected her help. Later the Black Claw attacked and in the chaos, Limbo and NightFang separated from their allies and fighted in a place full of hills, NightFang was powerful, he became strong by using dark unknown powers, Limbo was in trouble, but Aina appeared and supported NightFang with advanced healing and covered him from NightFang, both worked together and Defeated NightFang. Limbo wasnt sure what to think from her, she showed him that after all he needed a Dragoness to watch his back when he wasnt on guard

Some time later, Limbo learned some things from Aina, as she also knew some things from him, Both had a weird hobby when they became friends, Fighted constantly in the same place where they defeated NightFang, Aina wasnt able to reach Limbo`s Level of fight. But one day, she made it she defeated Limbo in his own game, Limbo was so shocked, he never lost a fight in his life. The next day he asked her to see him again in the same place for a rematch. But they didn`t fight, Limbo at the end denied to fight her, Aina`s was surprised and confused at the same time, Limbo just grabbed her tail with his tail and told her his feelings for her. Aina was shocked but then she smiled.

Some time later, The Flow and Falming Rock Clan became a big alliance, Limbo and Aina married, The Only one that defeated Limbo, ended up to be his wife and the mother of his children.

:iconsnowatheicedragoness: I really enjoyed making this deviation and the story related to it, ufff it took a while 
Happy New Year to everybody, I hope you all had an excellent time with your families and let's make all together the 2017 a better year for everybody 
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Eragon Tribute Art
OMG THIS TOOK FOREVER!!! An Impressive Digital Creation based on the Eragon´s book written by Christopher Paolini, The movie sucked but I loved the Book, and tried to mix both, it took me 2 days

This was my Digital Illustration Exam 

Art by me 

Eragon - Christopher Paolini
Dog Cola (Fake Product)
Literally this was my homework, designing a beverage can, beer or cola could be used and I dont know how this came out, Dog Cola with the Annoying dog from Undertale 

Made with Dog Residue

Undertale - Toby Fox
Slytha The Dark Mistress / Slytha The Dragones
Slytha was one of the Top disciples of  the Dark Master, she mastered lots of Dark energies and the right hand of the Dark Master, Helped in the total Anihilation of the Black Claw Clan and became Fausts Strongest enemy, Faust fighted her but for a strange reason he could see something else in her, Slytha used to be a good person but the circunstances made her do terrible things, However She clashed against Faust, but neither could best the other, both had the opportunity to finish each other but they couldnt, Faust changed Slytha and started having feelings for him, She destroyed the Scepter that Demise gave her so she wouldnt have any kind of control with her, and Joined Faust against Demise and Evil Ancients, She got killed one time by Set The Dark Master but brought back by Ancient Powers, She is an Ally as she also discovered that Faust is her True Love

:iconm0nster-party: I couldnt decide witch form of her could do, So I did both, When She was a Dark Master and the Normal one with Faust LOL, Found a better name than Skyeva :3, Thanks for the Character

:iconsnowatheicedragoness: Finally, those Photoshop Tricks are blooming I love what I learned


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Yeah Changed a Profile Picture for Shulk, BECAUSE YOLO AND SHULK IS AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!

Im 20 year old teen studying to get a job doing what it likes. Computer programation and digital design sure when I finish studying, Ill be free to create and make everything I want to express myself specially in a good job.

funny gif by Luckygay Kenny Dancing to Heavy Metal by MaidenMacabre

L's gif by Kinga-Polska

GIF-Bacchikoi girls2 by Watachan

OOOOOOH animated GIF RS by Racheist Gir dancing by Quirky-Middle-Child

Animated GIF of Regular Show by Racheist The Dancing Empire by scrappster Daft Punk GIF Avatar by wallylol

“Being hurt inevitably breeds feelings of hatred towards your attacker. But when we hurt others, we have to deal with their hatred for us, and our own feelings of guilt. Knowing what it feels like to be hurt is exactly why we try to be kind to others. That’s what makes us humans.”
― Masashi Kishimoto

"Even as the clouds drape across the window like curtains,
There will still be gentle kisses in sunbeams."
- Rani Chamberlin (1999-2014)


A coolest game and its FREE XD

Coolest villain

Majoras mask, my favorite zelda game

More Things Im Fan:

I Love Dragons Stamp by Garetiem Naruto-stamp by kairiSparda Tobi Stamp by HappyStamp

NOM NOM NOM by StampBar Tobi stamp XD by zelos22 stamp by alwaslgirl

Naruto Stamp by Knuczema-the-Echidna Fav too much - Stamp by Tadadada NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz

Thomas Doesn't Have Time For This (Gif) by GingaAkam


:iconjayflight200: My beloved and unforgotten sister ILL never forget you sis T_T

:icondragonluvr1: MY second adopted sister :)

:iconsnowatheicedragoness: My third Adopted Sister, an excellent partner

:iconsteamferret-p: Powerful Roleplayer Artist


:iconfossil-fighter: Dragon Partner with a lot of Horns XD

:iconiilittlemonsterii: You came back, after all this time, please dont leave again <3

:iconicebrony: A great person R.I.P never forgetting you buddy

Daft Pixels by Super-Hedgehog Daft Pixels by Super-Hedgehog

Congratulations [Gif] by GingaAkam

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Drawing your Characters
I can Draw your character in a normal Style, with a Background or without it  and Textures(with the Background will be 5 more points), I can Draw your character even If Its a Dragon, Human, Pony, Alien, Pikmin or any form, But with not a lot of details, If you just want a Line Art then it will be 20 points, for Comissions just Note Me and tell me any details you want it to add including Textures, It will be ready in 1 or 2 Days depending of My time.

Give me a Chance Im Sure I wont dissapoint you ;) 


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